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As I sit in total darkness

    door Nij, 17/07/2008 14:17. #25666. 1 reacties, laatste

As I sit in total darkness
my mind begins to wonder
It wonders about the beauty of the world
It comes to a point
Where time has stopped
Only to wake and realize
That the only thing that is not possible
Is what has yet to be conceived in my mind.
Arthur P


All those thoughts
and all those ideas
Rummaging through my head
Carelessly messing up the facts.
From want to need,
and the other way around.
To live and breed,
is there the slightest reason for it all?
Frustation is pounding in my brain,
and its gonna burts through my veins.
Every little sound,
and every little thing out of place,
these things trigger it.
The temptation to stop all time
Fr one purpose,
to stop the frustration.
But then I relax.
What keeps us here, alive and happy
is what makes it go away.
Artur P


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